Dessert Tables

Be it elegant, minimalist or rustic, leave it to our talented team and partners to weave your dessert table together, with a touch of magic - beautiful backdrops, creative craft works, vibrant florals and unique props, assembled together with a plethora of display plates and stands, all to create the perfect dessert table for you.

All of our desserts are made from scratch, following recipes that have gone through many rounds of thinking and experimentation, while we constantly work and improve on what's necessary.

Together with Med Kärlek and Floral Magic, we have put together several dessert table packages to help you create the aesthetic, showstopping centerpiece of your party.

Once you have decided which dessert package you'd prefer, fill in the dessert table form! For every dessert table purchased, enjoy 10% off any ITBY Tiered Cake

If you want to design your own space with your own props and stands, order your dessert items from Petit Four instead! No worries, we can handle the delivery.

As we want your party to go on with no interruptions, do let us know what time we should come to set-up and tear down your dessert table. We usually require 1 to 2 hours to set up a dessert table in tip-top condition and are able to tear down anytime before 10pm.