Hi there! You can pre-order our cakes here 1-7 days before you need the cake! We restock every Tues- Sun 9am & put out max of what our bakers can do! Due to the current volume, we only take orders via the website at the moment. Bake for you soon!

Sliced Cakes Set #CakesForCheer!

Assort your very own box! If you wish to put together a whole cake of assorted flavours - it takes 10 slices to put together a whole cake :)
No better time to have #cakesforcheer or we can send these cheer for you as your #messengersoflove 💖
Cake care:
Cakes are good for 3 days in airtight containers, fridged. They best consumed at ROOM TEMPERATURE. So please take them out of the fridge 1h before consuming! :) let it soften as butter would after a while, and it would be divine!
If you plan to keep them any longer - i don't know where you get your resistance skills from - you can freeze them in airtight container for up to 2 weeks. Defrost it overnight in fridge when you are ready to have them.

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