Hi there! You can pre-order our cakes here 1-7 days before you need the cake! We restock every Tues- Sun 9am & put out max of what our bakers can do! Due to the current volume, we only take orders via the website at the moment. Bake for you soon!

About Us

Darren & I, we grew up in Singapore. We led different lives, but on this same island, we were exposed to the same things, and were both curious about the myriad of flavours, the rich diverse culture here. 

Our paths converged because of food, the love of preparing our own versions of food, making it just the way we love it, and then sitting down for that long dinner of connection and sense of community. Sharing dreams, ridiculous life stories & difficult experiences over good food. Food to us is a chance to connect.

We realise that we would not be additive to this world if we made another incredible chocolate, vanilla, strawberry cake. We wanted to share our love for local ingredients and flavours, flavours inspired from our lives, our childhood, through the medium of cakes - what we are most passionate about making.

That cozy feeling of huddling around a table and sharing cake and conversations is very important to us, so we take time and care to ensure that these cakes are all natural, fresh, fluffy and siew dai, so children and seniors alike can enjoy them as much as we do. 

We have been sharing honest open conversations and cakes with many of you virtually via our instagram and facebook feed, experiencing the power of social network and its ability for us to make you cakes for cheer. We hope our cakes continue to spread joy, positivity, gratitude to you in ways we cannot imagine.

We would love to hear from you! Let us know what you think. We will always want to better ourselves, and you are the best person to help us, so we can continue to delight you and your loved ones and celebrate more precious moments with you.

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Reach us at hello@inthebrickyard.com or leave us a message on Facebook, Instagram! Wherever is the most convenient for you.


D & J

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