Hi there! You can pre-order our cakes here 1-7 days before you need the cake! We restock every Tues- Sun 9am & put out max of what our bakers can do! Due to the current volume, we only take orders via the website at the moment. Bake for you soon!



Size: 5.5” Round Cake - 6-8 Pax

Milo IS THE go to breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner, supper drink. EVERY singaporean confirm has had Milo in their lifetime. And I dare say majority of us Love this drink. Its malty-chocolatey rich flavour is so memorable.

We hope this is everything a milo lover can have in a cake form:) Malt chiffon, Milo filling, Milo nuggets, chocolate drizzle; Milo enough?

Our classic cakes are 3" in height.

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