Hi there! You can pre-order our cakes here 1-7 days before you need the cake! We restock every Tues- Sun 9am & put out max of what our bakers can do! Due to the current volume, we only take orders via the website at the moment. Bake for you soon!

Ondeh Ondeh Sliced Cake

Ondeh Ondeh Sliced Cake

Pandan is like the vanilla of Singapore.

Pandan freshly extracted by hand, used to make the softest pillow of sponge. Paired with carefully sourced full-bodied, low sugar Gula Melaka. Finished with a handful of coconut shreds sprinkled around the rim.

There's no better way to end a meal than with this light and fluffy national favourite cake. Promise you can smell the freshness of this one the minute you open your cake box.

 Photo Credit: The Wicked Light

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