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Kopi Chiffon with Peanut Butter and Kaya

Kopi Chiffon with Peanut Butter and Kaya

Size: 5.5” Round Cake - 6-8 Pax
Kopi chiffon with kaya and peanut butter.

Every morning, before yet another baking storm, debates and exciting stories are shared over D & J's breakfast - at none other than Yakun, as always. 2 Set F with Kopi C Kosong was the standing order that Aunty knows even before we begin to order. This cake is to remember every luxurious morning we've had to enjoy breakfast!

Made with ITBY's signature soft, fluffy chiffon sponge in coffee flavour, filled with pandan and homemade peanut butter - calibrated to have little sugar, maximal flavour.

Our classic cakes are 3" in height.

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