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Chocolate Hazelnut - That Vegan Cake

Chocolate Hazelnut - That Vegan Cake

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5.5” Round Cake - 6-8 Pax
8” Round Cake - 15 Pax
10” Round Cake - 40 Pax


Love yourself fiercely. No amount of weight loss, fancy clothes or cute partners can make us feel better about ourselves. It needs to start with us. Loving ourselves is the foundation of our life, and it is our power to do so. Because we are bakers, and baking is what we do best, how we show our love and care and values best, we have decided to do it through cakes. That Vegan Cake!

To give an brief introduction, our Vegan cakes have no eggs, butter, milk and cream. Beyond being Vegan, we went above and beyond to make it that much better for your body: we chose coconut sugar instead of white sugar, and pear puree instead of oil!

We love it so very much, its decadent, indulgent and wholesome! Through That Vegan Cake, we hope that everyone can give themselves the love they deserve, we are too often the harshest critic of ourselves. Loosen up, understand that when you love your body, you do so by feeding it well, not less, but eat better. Love is a choice, so eat like you love yourself!

Cake consists of a hazelnut chocolate sponge cake, covered with chocolate ganache, with chopped hazelnuts on the cake face rim as decoration :)